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one time in an interview Zac Efron said that he loved death note and idk if he was just saying that bc the interviewer mentioned it or what but the point is Zac Efron may be a closet weeb

also this



does this look like a coincidence to  you?


I love that point in a friendship when you get what the other person’s style is - their “thing.” You see a knit jersey tie and think of them immediately; a type of weather, a bad movie, a woman’s outfit. You know, with absolute certainty, that your friend would enjoy this thing with you more than anyone else in the world. You feel closer in that moment of recognition, even if they’re not there.


Omotesando and Meiji-dori by plenty of flour on Flickr.

地雷?wリラックマいちごオレ by nuetaipoo on Flickr.



do u ever wonder if anyone else in the world is listening to the exact same song as you and on the exact same lyric as you 

no.. I am already familiar with the concept of FM radio

Hello all! Apologies for the inactivity but ive just returned from being in Seoul for 2 weeks!! I should be back to norm in the next few days and hopefully can share some pictures too~